[SOLVED] software for stock management ?

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[SOLVED] software for stock management ?

Postby vmunich » Mar 20th, '20, 15:52

Hi everyone,

I could not find any simple&good software for managing a stock portfolio...
GnuCash is way too much, I just want to manage a simple portfolio

Can you recommend one that can be installed under Mageia ?

Thank you +
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Re: software for stock management ?

Postby xboxboy » Mar 23rd, '20, 04:07

I haven't used it but KmyMoney may be suitable?

Other than that I don't know, but there's probably a web app you could install independently under a standard 'urpmi task-lamp' web server.

I use gnucash somewhat, but my stocks I track in a spreadsheet I started some 10+ years ago now.
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Re: software for stock management ?

Postby banjo » Mar 24th, '20, 21:33

I vote for the spreadsheet. I have been using a plain .ods spreadsheet for about 15 years now. I manage my whole portfolio plus expenses etc. in a single spreadsheet.

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Re: software for stock management ?

Postby vmunich » Mar 24th, '20, 21:55

Thank you guys for your replies.

No Kmymoney is not really appropriate for simple stock management...

Thanks for you help
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Re: [SOLVED] software for stock management ?

Postby JoesCat » Mar 27th, '20, 09:48

Also recommend the humble, yet powerful, spreadsheet.
Been using it 10+ years.

If you have no idea where to begin, let's assume your columns are:
you pretty much cover everything plus have info for taxes later too.
G = C x F
H = G + E
I = C x F
J = I - E

Using fictitious numbers, assume you bought 10 shares of ABC, at $5.00, and were charged $20, copy&paste G&H
jan1 2020,,10,ABC,20,5 then G=50,H=70
selling, 10 shares of ABC, at $5.50, copy&paste I&J
jan2 2020,,10,ABC,20,5.5 then I=55,J=35

For taxes, you write $35 for total proceeds and $70 total cost
...for a grand profit of -$25

With time, your spreadsheet gets fancier ;) with formatting and other stuff - Hopefully the numbers look better than red too :)
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