[SOLVED] Errors updating

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[SOLVED] Errors updating

Postby fmolina2b » Aug 13th, '19, 21:26

Hi all,

Today Mageia informed that updates are available, so as usual I started the update process. It was to download and install 60 packages, but ended repeatedly with these errors:

package kernel-desktop-devel-5.2.7-1.mga7-1-1.mga7.x86_64 does not verify: Payload SHA256 digest: BAD (Expected 9ff41051c6d40daf34dd070f1f6d63f3ce6f0debeafd4d125e757cb17d79ba81 != 05d9105eec45943b7386b470618bd1f084c990502565c14d3ed0ec97c8314036)

package kernel-source-5.2.7-1.mga7-1-1.mga7.noarch does not verify: Payload SHA256 digest: BAD (Expected a1c98cbbaf7ad8f40468ade96b55380f161283c685c1f867c1f34f49e2ad52aa != acb460dcead3e33fb4ff731ea8b9bbb1ad6554b74b7c88310c5782e3a3354c43)

package lib64mesavulkan-drivers-19.1.4-1.mga7.x86_64 does not verify: Payload SHA256 digest: BAD (Expected bfbd1ab989e5894decb83dc73e84a67a08478cd27926978ca3f56f1d07918251 != 7305215cc6de852351d9d6cfeb075d88425a2419e6fd7e1829f9920cf9b98399)

As far as I can tell, all the attempts gave the same actual SHA256 sums
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Re: Errors updating

Postby benmc » Aug 13th, '19, 21:55


last night my update included some of your packages too.
however, for me there were no problems.

A likely reason is your localest mirror was updating while you were updating.

If you were using urmpi to run your update, run the following:
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urpmi --clean

if you are using dnf:
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dnf clean all

(this will remove those packages from the update cache)

then re-run your update
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Re: Errors updating

Postby fmolina2b » Aug 14th, '19, 18:04

Hi benmc

Thanks. After urpmi cleaning, updating via MCC still gave one file in error. Cleaning and updating with urpmi worked OK.
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