[SOLVED] Installing KDE Desktop

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[SOLVED] Installing KDE Desktop

Postby tharpa » Jan 14th, '19, 00:22

I'm trying to install the KDE desktop. When I go to Software Management, Graphical Desktop, KDE, I'm not sure what to check, as I don't see anything that's clearly the KDE desktop or Plasma, just various libraries. I guessed that it would be Default-kde-4-config, but when I rebooted I did not see any additional options at the log screen, just the existing ones (Enlightenment, etc.).
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Re: Installing KDE Desktop

Postby jkerr82508 » Jan 14th, '19, 07:26

You need the package named task-plasma5

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Re: Installing KDE Desktop

Postby morgano » Jan 14th, '19, 17:33

Principle: task-something installs that whole "something", which may be hundreds of packages. i.e task-lxde, task-mate, task-printing and so on.
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Re: Installing KDE Desktop

Postby tharpa » Jan 20th, '19, 22:16

Thank you jkerr and morgano. That did the trick.
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