Installing Drivers

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Installing Drivers

Postby JaycePancake » Sep 15th, '18, 20:43

Hey there!

I recently installed Mageia on a laptop of mine, and I had no driver for my wifi card. I was able to find out that the card on my laptop has doesn't have official drivers, nut it does have an unofficial one on github:

Someone I spoke to explained to me that I would need to compile the driver, and explained what commands to use. The problem? They gave me instructions for Ubuntu, and they didn't know what would be different on an RPM based system. Since I've only used Debian based linux prior to this myself (I wanted to learn from using Mageia), I'm not sure what to do, or even if I can install this on Mageia.

Can anyone walk me through it? Thanks!
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Re: Installing Drivers

Postby doktor5000 » Sep 15th, '18, 23:17

The instructions will not be much different, that is install at least the following packages
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task-c++-devel dkms kernel-desktop-devel-latest

and then compile that driver using the instruction on that website.

The kernel-desktop-devel-latest depends on what kernel flavor you're currently using, though.
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Re: Installing Drivers

Postby morgano » Sep 15th, '18, 23:37

At i see
* rtlwifi: rtl8723de: Add firmware for new driver/device
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Re: Installing Drivers

Postby Zezinho » Sep 16th, '18, 15:43

Yes I think this driver was already added to MGA6 with a kernel update. Just update your system through ethernet to test.
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