Mageia 6 Installation Stuck

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Mageia 6 Installation Stuck

Postby JaycePancake » Sep 10th, '18, 00:09

Hey there!

So I recently got an HP 14z laptop for word processing and basic school tasks. Its cheap and low spec, so I immediately wanted to switch to Linux for the speed and other improvements. At first I installed KDE Neon, but I decided pretty quickly I wanted to go ahead and give Mageia a try. I downloaded the Live Media ISO for Mageia 6 Plasma Desktop.

I had some issues getting the USB to boot as changing boot order and it didn't help and my bios access was different after installing the KDE distro. Enabling legacy support (it's UEFI) allowed me to enter a menu where I can choose what to boot to.

Unfortunately, after selecting to either install or boot to Mageia 6, I get stuck on the blue bubbling cauldron screen. The animation never stops, but it seems to be infinite. I've let it sit for hours with no change, and every attempt is the same. Is there a fix for this?

Specs as listed on my laptop order:

HP - 14z Laptop
14" diagonal HD SVA BrightView WLED-backlit (1366 x 768)
No DVD or CD Drive
1 TB 5400 rpm SATA
Full-size island-style keyboard
4 GB DDR4-1866 SDRAM (1 x 4 GB)
802.11b/g/n (1x1) Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® 4.2 combo
Windows 10 Home 64
HP TrueVision HD Camera with Digital Microphone
3-cell, 41 Wh Lithium-ion prismatic Battery
AMD A9-9425 Dual-Core (3.1 GHz, up to 3.7 GHz, 1MB cache)+AMD Radeon™ R5 Graphics
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Re: Mageia 6 Installation Stuck

Postby ITA84 » Sep 10th, '18, 11:26

Does pressing Esc one the bubbling cauldron screen do anything? It should be displaying some startup messages which could help determine the cause of the hanging boot
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Re: Mageia 6 Installation Stuck

Postby wintpe » Sep 10th, '18, 13:20

so the blue bubbling cauldron screen is just plymouth making the start up pretty, yes hitting escape should show the
boot up messages

you say hours, but if its not up in mins there's something wrong, so abort and try something else.

personally i would only use the live DVD to test live, if its not booting up then there may be an issue with the hw/graphics.

I always use the classic DVD to install, that's not to say anything bad about live just my experience.

try the classic iso instead.

you can still boot this from usb

the obvious question is have you disabled secure boot or at least if you have been offered it, enabled other OS in secure boot as some (asus offer that)
instead allowing you full uefi secure boot without requiring the microsoft cert.

mageia does support this mode as is use it on my new kit.

the HP 14z is the following spec

AMD Dual-Core E1-6015 Processor + AMD Radeon R2 Graphics

regards peter
Redhat 6 Certified Engineer (RHCE)
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Re: Mageia 6 Installation Stuck

Postby JaycePancake » Sep 12th, '18, 03:28

Changing to a classic iso fixed the issue. Thank you!
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