oregano installation

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oregano installation

Postby dbxrecord » Aug 24th, '18, 10:21

I have so far been unable to install oregano. Firstly I looked at the Mageia control centre to see if it was there, it was not
so I looked for a rpm file for it, I found a mageia 6 oregano file at fedora, but it was just a text file.

Is it hiding ? and can it be made available for everyone ? - either science or education would suit where it should go.
Here is its home directory at github https://github.com/drahnr/oregano

thank you
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Re: oregano installation

Postby doktor5000 » Aug 24th, '18, 17:30

Hi there, see our wiki on how to report a package request: https://wiki.mageia.org/en/How_to_repor ... ge_request

Apart from that, on their releases page they also have fedora packages, but I'd guess they won't install cleanly, although you can try.
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Re: oregano installation

Postby morgano » Sep 14th, '18, 17:43

Hi dbxrecord !
Did you make any progress?
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