Mageia 6 Plasma Distro Apps not in Menu

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Mageia 6 Plasma Distro Apps not in Menu

Postby Micromet » Aug 6th, '18, 16:05

Many distro supplied apps from the install software repositories are not appearing in the Menu list anywhere. I can create menu items for these apps e.g. Kolourpaint and Gwenview and they work. And yet more obscure apps such as tuxguitar and Tellico appear in the munu list automatically after installation from depositories. So why this Menu appearance random behaviour?
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Re: Mageia 6 Plasma Distro Apps not in Menu

Postby doktor5000 » Aug 7th, '18, 04:05

On a default installation there are menu entries for kolourpaint and gwenview, in the toplevel "Graphics" category.
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Re: Mageia 6 Plasma Distro Apps not in Menu

Postby Micromet » Aug 7th, '18, 11:55

There are now - because I put them there by editing the Menu tree. But I did an upgrade install from Mageia 5 (not a clean install) - and some (not all) of my applications from Mageia 5 including Gwenview and Kolourpaint upgraded OK in that they were installed, as I checked from the Install & Remove Software tree, - but no entries appeared in the Menu itself. It may just be one of those minor glitches in going from Mageia 5 to 6 - not a problem as I can easily edit the menu tree. Previously when I needed to do a re-install of Mageia 5 (sometimes easier to do that than spend time chasing a fault) - all previous apps appeared as an entry in the menu tree - even if I had to re-install some apps which were not in the default Mageia 5 install. This was a nice way to remind me what was missing. Many of the apps in Mageia 5 I could (and should) have got rid of as I didn't use them and they were cluttering up the system. But at least I knew where the clutter was. Now I still have that clutter but am possibly unaware of where it is as there is no menu tree entry for it. Serves me right.
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Re: Mageia 6 Plasma Distro Apps not in Menu

Postby wintpe » Aug 7th, '18, 15:58

many plasma 5 apps need the base menu placeholders in place otherwise they wont add.

I found this out when i tried to edit the menu to strip it down and make it look more like the mageia classic menu

if your old install is doing the same it may prevent those apps populating the right paths in the menu.

I would suggest resetting the .config directory and starting your plasma customizations from scratch to make this work.

but before you do that prove that im right by creating a new temporary user and logging in with that.

regards peter
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