Subtitles no longer working for vlc

Subtitles no longer working for vlc

Postby tarazed » Jun 8th, '18, 08:33

I am not sure when this happened, but after a recent update of tainted vlc, embedded subtitles no longer work for video files. To set this in context; for a long time I have been downloading files from the BBC as MP4 with an associated SRT file which I then embed in the MP4 file using ffmpeg. The resulting files play in vlc and the subtitle track can be selected but nothing happens; no OSD text. Playing the original MP4 file from a directory containing the associated SRT file also fails to display the on-screen text when selected. That always used to work as well. However if the files with embedded subtitles are passed to mplayer, mplayer displays the subtitles automatically, which suggests that the subtitle track has been embedded correctly. I do not know what component of vlc is used for displaying subtitles. If it is a plugin, there is a possibility that something is missing. I have tried this version of vlc on three different machines; failure on all three. vlc is invoked from the command-line, passing the filename as an argument. Failure also occurs with subtitled video files recorded by vlc itself from a TV input. These have the .ts extension and as with .mp4 the embedded subtitle track can be selected but fails to display. There is a constant stream of repeated error messages in the console:
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[00007f08bc0563a0] main blend error: blending YUVA to VDV0 failed
[00007f08bc0563a0] blend blend error: no matching alpha blending routine (chroma: YUVA -> VDV0)

These packages are installed.
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$ rpm -qa | grep vlc

I have tried some searches on the web but do not see any recent reports of such a problem.
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Re: Subtitles no longer working for vlc

Postby tarazed » Jun 11th, '18, 22:56

On second thoughts, observing that the problem persists with the version of vlc waiting in Updates Testing I shall open a new bug on this matter.
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