Mageia 8 Final Release

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Mageia 8 Final Release

Postby isadora » Feb 27th, '21, 09:40

Seven months after the release of Alpha1 now it's time for the final release of Mageia 8.
It's the follow-up of Mageia 7 which was released June 30th 2019.

With great commitment and endless energies all those volunteering made it possible to have a brand new release being issued.

We hope to attract many new enthusiasts, which of whom being new users and/or new contributors for next generations.

Much of interest towards all information around this release and about contributing to future releases, are following links.

Extensive information towards version 8 can be found in our blog: ... -mageia-8/

The latest release can be found at:

Release-notes of Mageia 8 can be found at:

The errata-page is located at:

Bugs can be reported at bugzilla:

Ways of contributing can be found at:

All kind of Mageia-information can be found at the Wiki:

All at Mageia wish you magical times with this new version.
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