Upgrade error February 25, 2021

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Upgrade error February 25, 2021

Postby khaldrogo » Feb 25th, '21, 10:50

The screen was blank with an error suggesting that it could not be retrieved without performing login and the command which, after executing, came back to black after a while. After many re-login I finally got the final product and it was a pleasure to use this one. This is definitely the best Mageia version I have ever used with the least amount of upgrade issues ever.
Thank you !!!
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Re: Upgrade error February 25, 2021

Postby morgano » Feb 25th, '21, 13:07

Nice to read it worked out and you are pleased, despite the negative sounding headline ;)

What steps did you make to upgrade, and what desktop?
(Maybe something can be improved, or user to avoid)

Note there are some alternatives described in Release Notes about upgrading

And WELCOME! If you like, you can introduce yourself at viewtopic.php?f=2&t=15
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