[SOLVED]3rd party photo order - CEWE 7.0.2 error

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[SOLVED]3rd party photo order - CEWE 7.0.2 error

Postby tis » Apr 20th, '20, 11:43

Hi, cewe 7.0.2 doesn't work under the newest mga7, I found a solution and share it with you:

I've used cewe 6.04.05 version and it worked well. Yesterday I updated to cewe 7.00.02 and it is not working.

Code: Select all
F (2020-04-20T11:35:24.058) [ 0] ==> Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x50c06) with this library (version 0x50c04) <==
QMutex: destroying locked mutex
QMutex: destroying locked mutex
after main()

There are different version of Qt5 in cewe and mga7. The solution is to run cewe from shell: (the path and program name is from hungarian version, other versions like german version may be installed at different name/folder e.g. CEWE\ Fotowelt?!)
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cd ~/CEWE/CEWE\ Fotovilag/          (the path of installation)
export QT_PLUGIN_PATH="~/CEWE/CEWE\ Fotovilag/"
./CEWE\ Fotóvilág                   (the program name)
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Re: [SOLVED]3rd party photo order - CEWE 7.0.2 error

Postby doktor5000 » Apr 20th, '20, 16:39

Thanks for sharing :)
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