User CP: change email/password page should be locked

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User CP: change email/password page should be locked

Postby ca-on-adam » Aug 22nd, '18, 09:08


I tried to change my email address with the forum User Control Panel and after a number of 'wrong password' errors, I remembered that there is a seperate service for our email/passwords to our accounts (actually I don't know about password but email cannot be changed in the forums for sure)

If that specific page were locked (say, text boxes greyed-out) or at least had a warning that the feature is disabled, users wouldn't get confused about it not working. Instead they'd be directed to make the changes at

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Re: User CP: change email/password page should be locked

Postby doktor5000 » Aug 22nd, '18, 18:39

Hi there, sorry to put it that way, but that probably won't happen in the near future, if at all.
There are several other, much more basic requests regarding forums which are still pending, for some of them since years already.

Feel free to create a bugreport against forums.
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