Basic versus Advanced help.

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Basic versus Advanced help.

Postby Ken-Bergen » Nov 30th, '16, 05:20

For me this has always been a foggy distinction.

As a user how do I know if something is Basic or Advanced when I have a question/problem?

I'd like to see the two combined so that the user doesn't have to decide where to ask when crying for HELP.
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Re: Basic versus Advanced help.

Postby isadora » Nov 30th, '16, 14:53

I second your opinion Ken, it's difficult to draw a line indeed.
How advanced is my basic?
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Re: Basic versus Advanced help.

Postby Germ » Nov 30th, '16, 17:34

To me, Basic help would be like: "What button do I push to make KDE, or an application, do this?"

Advanced would be things along the line of: "What config file do I need to edit to do this?"
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Re: Basic versus Advanced help.

Postby gohlip » Nov 30th, '16, 19:37

isadora wrote:I second your opinion Ken,

Me too - I second. What someone considers basic may be advanced to others and vice versa. And it really doesn't matter.
Also someone may be very advanced in some narrow fields any yet neophyte in many others. And it really doesn't matter.

What matters is that together, we're awesome. 8-)
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Re: Basic versus Advanced help.

Postby doktor5000 » Dec 1st, '16, 12:25

Does the description of advanced support not suffice to distinguish it?

Ask here your questions about advanced usage of Mageia. For example you may post here all your questions about network and automated installs, complex server configurations, kernel tuning, creating your own Mageia mirrors, and all tasks likely to be touchy even for skilled users.

Apart from that, what matters to me is that people will use one of the support subforums for support-type queries, and not "discussion about mageia" or such. Which subforum does not really matter, as long as the OP gets answers to his problem, no?
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