Grub BootManager

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Grub BootManager

Postby offroadaction » Nov 13th, '16, 01:38


I have Magaia 5 installed on my older AOPEN XCcube Mediaplayer, it works very well.
At the moment it's a dual boot system with Windows XP and Magaia 5 kernel 3.19.8 desktop586-3mga5 (32 bit) environment Gnome

I want to make it triple boot with OpenELEC.
I've already made the OpenElec partitions OE_SYSTEM (sda3) partition 6 and OE_DATA (sda4) partition 7 - as GParted showed me.

The question now is, "How can I update Grub with a new Menu-entry" while automatic Grub update won't work, so I have to do it manualy.
I hope someone has a solution for me, so the system can boot OpenELEC as well.

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Re: Grub BootManager

Postby doktor5000 » Nov 13th, '16, 02:26

Hi, please use of the support subforums for support-type queries, I've moved your thread there.

Do you use grub legacy or grub2?
In any case, the easiest way would be to chainload the OpenELEC bootloader, you can do this for grub legacy in MCC via
Select add new entry, then other OS (windows) and select the partition where the OpenELEC bootloader is installed.
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