Fetchmail usage

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Fetchmail usage

Postby spock » Sep 17th, '16, 07:50

I've been downloading my email by using fetchmail at the command line. I've gotten my mail no problem, but each time I get the message: Warning: the connection is insecure, continuing anyways. (Better use --sslcertck!) I'm in the process of changing email providers, and in the email set up instructions they, too, want me to use --sslcertck. I don't know how! When I insert --sslcertck in the command line between fetchmail and my provider's machine address I get Server CommonName mismatch, certificate verify failed, upgrade to TLS failed, Unknown login or authentication error, socket error while fetching..., and Query Status=2 (SOCKET). As an alternative I tried creating a fetchmailrc file using fetchmailconf, and after I entered my username the box that popped up included check boxes for Use SSL? and Check server SSL certificate?, with entry fields for SSL key:, SSL certificate:, SSL trusted certificate:, SSL CommonName:, and SSL key fingerprint: I don't know which of those two boxes to check, or neither, or both. I don't know which of the entry fields require entries, or what to put in them. Any help will be appreciated. Would prefer a command line solution, but either will do. Thanks.

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