I can contribute for sure, but how?

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I can contribute for sure, but how?

Postby sarainiakra » Jul 11th, '16, 10:42

Fist is First, I am Sarainia Krystal-Rose Angelsong, I am financially unstable, and not a professional in programming! The best I have is just Batch scripting for Windows lols! But I can help out maybe with art, or music or maybe a game idea, I just dunno what exactly you guys all need! All I know is Mageia5 is a very sickly fast and powerful Operating system, I have it installed in a free, Duo Core, 4G RAM computer! It out paces speeds that of Windows 7 Professional on same hardware as I have them Partitioned on same Drive, The Windows 7 freezes up with the hard multiple tabs open for windows games but Mageia5 keeps slugging through like theres nothing stopping it! Next I noticed it keeps same pace if not better than my $1500 laptop which has Intel Core i7, 8G Ram, and a Nividea GEFORCE GTX Video Card! Like yeah Windows 10 is fast but has some loading problems on some gaming sites, whereas Mageia seems to load all pages regardless of size in less than 3 seconds in 100% Full, Now I am not an expert in speed but when I normally wait 20+ seconds on average for pages to load up or when I click applications and they take awhile to start, I guess I would notice a vast shift in speed for everything, maybe Windows has too many back ground processes and Mageia has less to none in the background but speedwiise something is definately faster! I Can help out in some ways but I not Rich, nor have any Programming outside of Professional Batch Scripting! I can sing, do art, graphics maybe a review or maybe test software out if you want choose the poisons and I will pick and see what all i can do! I myself am trying to make a personal just for me only OS that will just only know me and nothing about others and have it work offline and work via wifi or blutooth and have like a mesh network capabilities like FireChat, Open Garden, Serval Mesh Project! If I can get those apps on it or have a way it can communicate with those in some way then that be a fun OS maybe a bit of 3D and shading would be cool too haha! I dunno I don have the full OS thought out but would like to have a unique one! But Mageia is amazing too I might stick with this and maybe Knoppix 7.6 as well :)
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Re: I can contribute for sure, but how?

Postby isadora » Jul 11th, '16, 15:13

First a very warm welcome sarainiakra!!! :)

Any information concerning contributing to this Linux-pearl, can be found at:
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Re: I can contribute for sure, but how?

Postby plspls » Aug 16th, '16, 14:11

welcome sarainiakra
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