Images to share: "I love Mageia" (png - svg)

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Re: Images to share: "I love Mageia" (png - svg)

Postby dglent » Nov 5th, '17, 14:37

The links are dead ?
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Re: Images to share: "I love Mageia" (png - svg)

Postby doktor5000 » Nov 5th, '17, 15:51

No the links are no dead but the forum software parser is not able to determine the size of those images, hence it won't show them. I've now changed them all to URL tags so they show up ...
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Re: Images to share: "I love Mageia" (png - svg)

Postby ca-on-adam » Oct 21st, '18, 21:53

There's a 404 error on the links. I am guessing you closed your dropbox account after their moronic decision to stop supporting most Linux filesystems...

I'd like to post these links on a Mageia server that I have recently created. Perhaps if you send them to me I can permanently host them there?
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