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Re: MATE Desktop Environment Unofficial Backports

Postby isaiah36 » Jan 8th, '16, 13:05

Foobar2000 running inside Wine no longer draws the window. It was working fine with compiz but suddenly it has lost the window. The music starts playing when I launch it because it is configured to resume playback on boot, but no window shows up. The task bar button is there, and behaves exactly as normal, i.e. gets shaded when minimized. The 'Desktop Pager' panel item shows the window up, complete with icon and all. I can close the window from the task bar button.

There are other niggling issues that crop up unpredictably, like a window might lose the title bar on being maximized, but find it again on being unmaximized. The title bars do not pick up the theme. They are a generic blue, with a remarkably ugly, outsized font, and control buttons that are too close together. At first I once closed a window while trying to click the maximize button. Also, the Caja file manager boots up with the right panel showing unthemed fonts (default black) but changing the view mode between 'Icon' 'Compact' or 'List' once makes it pick up the theme color. The left panel shows correctly from the start.

I like compiz because it seems to make the whole desktop faster, but I'll have to abandon it for now. I like the Foobar2000 player too much.
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