[SOLVED] Touchscreen Fujitsu E24-9

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[SOLVED] Touchscreen Fujitsu E24-9

Postby mhausle » May 19th, '21, 18:18


have a PC running as POS (point of sale) with Mageia 7 and Odoo.
Bought a Touchscreen Fujitsu E24-9 just as a try.
Screen works, touch function is active but there is a shift between the point where the finger touches and the mouse pointer.
With another screen there was a linux driver and small tool to do a calibration.
However for that screen it seems to be nothing.
It is described in an external FAQ: working with Kernel-Option (CONFIG_HID_MULTITOUCH).
Cause I'm currently on another Laptop, I can not send the output of
Code: Select all
xinput list
lspcidrake -v

as requested in another thread. But I will do so later if necessary.
Any help / advises? Thanks a lot.

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Re: Touchscreen Fujitsu E24-9

Postby doktor5000 » May 19th, '21, 21:00

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SOLVED: Re: Touchscreen Fujitsu E24-9

Postby mhausle » May 21st, '21, 08:29

Always a pleasure to get your help, even on short notice :P , thanks.

I installed the xinput_calibrator as advised and started the tool.
However it appeared on the 1st screen - our old 19" non-touch VGA 4:3 ratio.
So I pulled that out and .... viola. With the new E24-9 Displayport 16:9 as the only one - the deviation was gone.

Both screens share the (pixel) size in the height but the 16:9 has more pixel in the width.
I did not measure with a calilper, but the deviation seems to be exact amount of pixels that the 16:9 is more wide than the 4:3.
With the single screen all is OK (what is the standard configuration here), with double screen there is that small little but bothersome issue.
Cause I did not have the time to "play", I did not test to make the touch the 1st(!) screen device and test again.
So for my usecase all is OK. I can confirm that the Fujitsu E24-9 is working out of the box as a touch screen on Mageia 8. It is connected here with Display Port (DP) and USB to and older HP Elitedesk USTD G1.

Solved (for me).
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Re: Touchscreen Fujitsu E24-9

Postby morgano » May 21st, '21, 15:13

Great :)
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