no examples in QtCreator (Mageia 8)

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no examples in QtCreator (Mageia 8)

Postby MikeFinch » Apr 14th, '21, 02:17

I notice that there are only two "recent" (2017) examples discussing the blank screen seen after clicking WELCOME : EXAMPLES in QtCreator. No resolution of the problem apparently?

I have the same problem in Mageia 8. I have, after 'qmake -query QT_INSTALL_EXAMPLES' in the shell : '/usr/share/qt5/examples'

So they exist in my Dolphin file system! The web instructions seem terribly complex; is there a "simple" way to display the examples (presumably all URLs)?

The TUTORIALS and MARKETPLACE menu options work perfectly.
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Re: no examples in QtCreator (Mageia 8)

Postby doktor5000 » Apr 14th, '21, 18:52

Hi there, this has already been reported but unfortunately not fixed: and

FWIW the examples that you queried are the normal Qt examples, which still need to be installed, they are not installed by default and also not installed with qt-creator.
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Re: no examples in QtCreator (Mageia 8)

Postby MikeFinch » Apr 16th, '21, 05:03

Have just installed QtCreator in Manjaro. After a bit of fiddling ran it OK : the examples are clearly there!!

Up to Mageia to solve this one . . . it's technically beyond me but surely the expert(s) can fix this problem?
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