[Invalid]mgaapplet icon no longer displays when updates avai

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[Invalid]mgaapplet icon no longer displays when updates avai

Postby andre999 » Mar 2nd, '21, 21:53

When I clicked on the update icon in the system tray area, it didn't invoke the update.
It had worked successfully earlier the same day.
I checked, and more updates were available (for mga7).
Using a minor clic on the update icon, some other things didn't seem to work, so I clicked on the exit option (quitter in french).
This removed the icon, as expected.
I then logged off/on, the icon did not reappear.
I then rebooted, once logged on, the icon did not reappear.
I tried going directly into rpmdrake and selecting show all updates, selecting and updating a few but not all.
Still after trying loggoff/logon and reboot, the update icon in the system try is not displayed.
How to recover the update icon ?

Problem caused by updates-testing activated in rpmdrake.
Once deactivated, rpmdrake shows no updates available when mgaapplet is not displayed.
The initial problème (constantly displaying update icon) was a temporary glitch.
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Re: mgaapplet icon no longer displays when updates available

Postby doktor5000 » Mar 3rd, '21, 00:39

Hi there, check if you have ~/.Mgaonline/mgaonline and move it away / rename it.

Also, what happens when you run mgaapplet manually from a terminal ?
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Re: [Invalid]mgaapplet icon no longer displays when updates

Postby andre999 » Mar 3rd, '21, 05:21

Sorry doktor5000, didn't see your reply before modifying my post. (Added last paragraph +[invalid] in title.)
~/.Mgaonline/ was empty,
and running mgaapplet from terminal showed everything up to date.

I didn't suspect update-testing showing updates available in rpmdrake but not seen by mgaapplet.
An appropriate configuration, since packages in update-testing should not be installed automatically.
It is only when I saw new updates via mgaapplet that I thought of checking further.
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