The 5.x kernels and overheating

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The 5.x kernels and overheating

Postby omnio » Oct 8th, '20, 11:29

Hello everyone,

I've noticed some strange issue on my ASUS laptop after installing Mageia 7: even when my laptop was "idle", with no running apps (just LXQT or Plasma), the fan was pretty noisy, at least compared to Mageia 6. Initially I thought this was Mageia's fault but after a set of tests and comparisons with Devuan Beowulf and Chimaera, it turned out to be the linux kernel that was causing it (the fan was silent when the 4.x kernel was used, and noisy when the 5.x kernel was used). So I grabbed the 4.18.20 kernel from a Mageia 6 repo, installed it and voila, the fan is silent again, even with Mageia 7. I was wondering if anyone else noticed something similar and if there were some kernel parameters that can be passed at the boot time to fix it (or any other fix).

Thanks for reading,
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Re: The 5.x kernels and overheating

Postby jiml8 » Oct 8th, '20, 18:59

Looks like you are leading the way on this one.

Have you compared system temperature while idling with the 4.x and 5.x kernels? Do you have the cpupower package installed and configured correctly?

There is likely to be a kernel tunable that will help you. But I, for one, have no idea what it would be.
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Re: The 5.x kernels and overheating

Postby morgano » Nov 5th, '20, 23:10

Was the fan running because the CPU really was hot, or was it running fast with cold CPU?
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