Strange PATH on one install

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Strange PATH on one install

Postby ncarver » Aug 14th, '20, 04:51

I recently installed MGA7.1 on three machines. With the two laptops where I used the plasma live installer, I end up with reasonable PATH after graphical login:
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However, on the desktop where I used the traditional installer, I found that I ended up with a very different and rather strange PATH after graphical login:
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I don't understand why the sbin entries are in my normal non-root user PATH, and the ~/.local/bin and ~/bin are missing, even though they are supposed to be added by ~/bash_profile.

I note that SSH'ing into the desktop yields a reasonable PATH:
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So this seems to be an issue related to how the DM is starting things. I noticed that the desktop was using gdm while the two laptops were using sddm, but changing the desktop to use sddm did not fix PATH.

Would appreciate suggestions about what might be causing this or at least what differences I might look for between the installs.
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