sshd and alternative to tcp_wrappers

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sshd and alternative to tcp_wrappers

Postby jiml8 » Dec 24th, '19, 10:46

I see that openssh is no longer compiled against

Losing tcp wrappers has caused part of my system to break. I run blockhosts to guard open ports (especially ssh) and it depends on tcp wrappers to launch it when appropriate traffic comes through.

Lacking that, I have made blockhosts into a cron that runs every 5 minutes. This is better than nothing, but is still sub-optimal.

I do not think that sshd can be configured to execute a command upon a failed login attempt, though it can be configured to dl a lot of things upon a successful login.

So. Either (1) does anyone here have an idea about how I can make this work better or (2) is it perhaps an error that openssh is no longer using That library is still provided with the system.
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