[CLOSED] Codeblocks problems on Mageia 7

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[CLOSED] Codeblocks problems on Mageia 7

Postby hardrock » Nov 19th, '19, 17:21

Hi all:
I am beginning to move all my C programs over to my Mageia 7.1 system. I have installed
Codeblocks and allegro5.2 and solved some of the problems. But this one I need help on:
/home/iurt/rpmbuild/BUILD/glibc-2.29/csu/../sysdeps/x86_64/start.s undefined reference to main

I have already installed the glibc library but still get this message on all my programs.
None will compile. Any programmers out there that can give me some help on this?
I am using the 64 bit application. Any idea how long the 32 bit will continue to be supported?
Thanks for your time. I believe I will have more problems after this one is solved.

This version of Linux is impossible to load software. Always something missing!
I have spent hours trying to compile a simple program with codeblocks.
I think it is a lost cause. I think this is a beautiful system but things just don't work!
Going back to Ubuntu!
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