kernel update, graphics fail

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kernel update, graphics fail

Postby MontyWilliams » Sep 1st, '19, 04:18

mageia 7, plasma, as guest on virtualbox 6.0.10, macos 10.14.5 as host imac 2017, i7.

kernel 5.1.20 works fine.
after update to 5.2.7 and now 5.2.10 - system boots to black screen. Switching to text I can log in, but startx fails with message x-server already running.

log shows (without trying startx):
"(drm) error -12 pinning new fb, out of video mem?" several times.

boot warning shows messages about unreliable dma position related to snd-intel even when graphics work (as in kernel 5.1.20).

What should I try next?

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