PhpMyAdmin login page - Object Not Found

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PhpMyAdmin login page - Object Not Found

Postby cyril » Apr 30th, '19, 19:37

I am posting this solution for anyone else who may have had a similar problem. I had problems loading the "Welcome to phpMyAdmin" login page.
I expected it to be displayed when I pointed my browser to
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That page should display when the file has auth-type = cookie

I was getting an error that said "Object not found" or "Access denied per /etc/httpd/conf/webapps.d/phpmyadmin.conf"

I had the same versions of Apache, MariaDB , php and PhpMyAdmin on another machine and it worked properly and I could not find any differences when I compared the config files for Apache, php and PhpMyAdmin
MariaDB worked from the command line.
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showed the default web page.
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showed the PHP info page

I compared installed packages on both machines and found that Mageia has many Apache modules in separate packages and one of them is apache-mod-usedir for user specific directories.
that was installed on the good machine and not on the one with problems displaying the login page.

When I installed that package login worked as expected right away, I did not even have to restart Apache.
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