There are problems with a netinstall right now

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There are problems with a netinstall right now

Postby wilcal » May 18th, '18, 01:47

Do note that after the "Grand Update" there are some problems doing a network install.


Mageia-6-netinstall-x86_64.iso 7/6/17
md5sum: 7b3a11f29a8225ac119221bdbf3bccfb

and using

there will be a large number of conflicts reported and the install will abort.
Using Live media such as:

Mageia-6-LiveDVD-Plasma-x86_64-DVD.iso 7/11/17
md5sum: 1a152fb3aa5402761688d8aab67ae8df

or the CI:

Mageia-6-x86_64-DVD.iso 7/15/17
md5sum: 55e20da532496124e6e720896fdf9fe4

then updating the install will work just fine.
There are two bugs assigned to this situation. They are:

Summary: netinstall fails after Grand Update

Summary: 749 update packages installation failed (conflicts...

The bugs are being worked "as we speak".
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