Nvidia disable MSI interrupts?

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Nvidia disable MSI interrupts?

Postby ncarver » Feb 19th, '18, 00:31

I have a Dell Optilex system with Nvidia GeForce GTX745 card, running Mageia 5. Proprietary Nvidia driver has not started properly at boot, dropping me to CLI, but a quick startx has gotten GUI/desktop working, and since machine is only rarely rebooted, I have not spent time working on the issue.

Nvidia documents cause as a known issue: Driver fails to initialize when MSI interrupts are enabled. (Xorg.0.log contains: The NVIDIA kernel module does not appear to be receiving interrupts generated by the NVIDIA graphics device.)

Suggested fix is to disable MSI interrupts with following option for Nvidia kernel module:
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My question is then: what is the best way to set this option for the nvidia module? I would like to make any changes manually since I have had to SSH into machine a couple of times to deal with these nvidia/GUI hangs at boot, so need to be able to remotely undo whatever I try.

I see that there is a file /etc/modprobe.d/display-driver.conf linked to /etc/alternatives/display-driver.conf, which appears to load the nvidia module:
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install nvidia /sbin/modprobe nvidia-current $CMDLINE_OPTS

Not sure where CMDLINE_OPTS is coming from, and whether I should just add my option to this line?

Thanks for suggestions!
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Re: Nvidia disable MSI interrupts?

Postby wintpe » Feb 19th, '18, 17:38

i think its done in two files now

modprobe.d/ modules-load.d/

and when i disable msi for the bnx cards i add the following to the modprobe.d/disable_msi.conf

options bnx2 disable_msi=1

i think in modules-load.d/ you just have to add the module to load

regards peter
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