Mageia FreeCAD package problem

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Mageia FreeCAD package problem

Postby brm » Aug 2nd, '21, 13:40

FreeCAD 0.18.6
Mageia Package 0.18.6-1.2.mga8
Is anyone on the list familiar with the inner workings of FreeCAD?
My FreeCAD window starts as normal. All the Menus etc are in place, but it is not possible to create any cad objects.
Please refer to the attachment for details of the error. This occurs whenever I try to do any CAD work. Any ideas on how to address this would be appreciated.
Do we have a more recent version of FreeCAD packaged for Mageia?
FeeCAD Error.png
FeeCAD Error
FeeCAD Error.png (20.51 KiB) Viewed 156 times
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Re: Mageia FreeCAD package problem

Postby morgano » Aug 2nd, '21, 17:19

I edited slightly an built in example, no problem.
I know this program too little to make stuff...
Anyway: yes it should get updated.

Update request:

Until then, instead of Mageia package you can use Appimage or Flatpak:

Appimage: ... s#Appimage

Flatpak: ... ms#Flatpak
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Re: Mageia FreeCAD package problem

Postby brm » Aug 4th, '21, 01:44

Thanks - the Appimage works well. I will go with this.
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