AMD A10-7860 Godavari OpenCL support how?

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AMD A10-7860 Godavari OpenCL support how?

Postby jaywalker » Apr 14th, '18, 15:30

I have just installed this new APU to get some advantage from OpenCL render acceleration in Blender, but I am now a little confused how to proceed.

The machine has a fully updated Mageia 6 which was powered by an AMD A10-5600 (or maybe 5800) until today. I used to use an Nvidia graphics card to provide CUDA acceleration, but I had to remove it to get access to the short PCIE socket for another soundcard (long story, don't ask or I may tell yo the whole thing).

The Godavari version of the A10 is a re-engineered Kaveri, and purportedly supports OpenCL 2.0. Problem is, Mageia hardware detection for XFdrake seems to think it is Kaveri and does not offer amdgpu as a possible driver.

Am I correct in thinking that I need the amdgpu driver to get OpenCL working on this APU?
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