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Libreoffice almost maximized?

PostPosted: Jul 20th, '21, 17:11
by varrin
Just wondering if it's just me or if anyone else has noticed this?

If I maximize Libreoffice and then close it, it reopens *almost* maximized, but a couple pixels shy on the right side. Consequently, when moving the mouse all the way to the top right of the screen to close it, instead of closing it, it closes the window behind it or, if there's no window behind it, changes focus to the desktop. Clicking restore and then maximize results in it actually being maximized. However, after doing that, closing and reopening Libreoffice reproduces the almost-maximized condition. I tested a couple other apps and so far Libreoffice is the only one I notice having this behavior.

I'm using recently-upgraded MGA8 with an external screen with a 3480x2160 resolution.

Has anyone else seen this or is it just me?


Re: Libreoffice almost maximized?

PostPosted: Jul 21st, '21, 21:56
by morgano
Can't reproduce.
Mga8-64, Plasma, Nvidia-current, 3840x2160