Is an update to Python 3.9 in the works for Mageia 8

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Is an update to Python 3.9 in the works for Mageia 8

Postby leon244 » May 7th, '21, 16:38

I was wondering if there are plans to update Mageia 8 to Python 3.9 from 3.8.9? Python 3.8.9 puts me in limbo for using the animation nodes in Blender. Blender 2.92 uses Python 3.7 and Blender 2.93 uses Python 3.9. With Python 3.8.9 installed the Animation Node install balks at the Python mismatch and won't install. Just wondering if Mageia 8 update is palnned or do I need to just wait for Mageia 9?
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