Trouble starting CVCL outside gui

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Trouble starting CVCL outside gui

Postby mark9117 » May 2nd, '21, 19:17

I recently upgraded my backup server to version 8 and things are okay, but one of the issue I'm running into has to do with starting CVLC headless on this box (it plays media in addition to backing up).

Under prior versions, I could start VLC headless on boot with a bash script:

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/usr/bin/cvlc &

After the upgrade this bash script, VLC Remote no longer sees the VLC server running on the box. Oddly, VLC starts just fine and the server is available with no interface if I execute "cvlc" as user prior to starting the X server.

Nothing shows up in the logs about this and I get the same standard out when I start VLC this way as I do when starting it from a Konsole window as a user after starting X. It's just that running the bash file prevents the server from being available to VLC Remote.

What am I missing? Why do these two things behave so differently? Any other suggestions as to how I can start CVLC on boot?

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