Webmin boot items missing

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Webmin boot items missing

Postby RagingRaven » Feb 1st, '21, 13:02

I currently have 2 mageia instances running, one with mageia 6 and one with mageia 7.

On both I have webmin running, but on mageia 7 the "bootup and shutdown" module is not showing all items.

On mga7 it seems to only show whats in /etc/rc.d and /etc/rc.d/init.d whereas on mga6 it also shows items in for instance /usr/lib/systemd.

I've looked at the module config, but the settings seem to match, both only have /etc/rc.d and etc/rc.d/init/d listed.
Seeing as the settings seem to match, i thought there might be a symlink in one of those folders, but I can't seem to find any that links to the items in /urs/lib/systemd.

Basically I can't seem to find a good reason why all items are shown in webmin on mga6 and not in webmin on mga7.
Maybe somebody has an idea where I should look or why there seems to be a difference in webmin on mga6 and mga7.

If needed I can create some screenshots if that helps.

EDIT: I've just logged into another mga7 webmin instance and strangely there it does show all bootup and shutdown items.
The only difference i've been able to find so far is that on the one where it doesn't show all items the kernel is: Linux 5.10.8-desktop-2.mga7 on x86_64 and on the one where all items are shown it is: Linux 5.7.19-desktop-3.mga7 on x86_64
Webmin version on both is 1.960 and the theme on both is Authentic theme version 19.61.
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