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TeamViewer upgrade problem

PostPosted: Dec 16th, '20, 19:37
by mackowiakp
I added TeamViwer yum repo in M7. Installation was done properly. Works OK. But now there is upgrade of Teamviwer to new version. Below outpu I have:

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[root@gosia Pobrane]# dnf -y upgrade teamviewer
Ostatnio sprawdzono ważność metadanych: 0:07:10 temu w dniu śro, 16 gru 2020, 18:28:26.
 Problem: cannot install the best update candidate for package teamviewer-15.12.4-0.x86_64
  - nothing provides qt5-qtquickcontrols >= 5.5 needed by teamviewer-15.13.6-0.x86_64
(dodanie „--skip-broken” pominie pakiety, których nie można zainstalować lub „--nobest” spowoduje użycie nie tylko najlepszych kandydatów)

But both using „--skip-broken” or „--nobest” gives the same result. What can help?

Re: TeamViewer upgrade problem

PostPosted: Dec 16th, '20, 22:27
by doktor5000
As you installed it with urpmi --allow-nodeps you have to use that for the update, too - dnf/yum does not provide something similar to that.