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[SOLVED]Open link as WEb page not text

PostPosted: Nov 19th, '20, 19:51
by mackowiakp
Sometimes when I click on a program menu option, which is actually a link to the WEB page and not an option as such, it opens to me such option in KWrite as text containing the source of the WEB page, not as a WEB page itsefl.
An example is the latest version of the NextCloud client. It only happens on one computer, it is OK on the others.
So I broke something. What do I need to check/correct? Any idea?

Re: Open link as WEb page not text

PostPosted: Nov 20th, '20, 01:30
by doktor5000
Check the MIME association for text/html or text/x-html. In systemsettings go to applications > file associations and search for html, and check for each search result what the top of the list application is, and move your favorite browser above that.