LOST password

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LOST password

Postby nigelc » Oct 12th, '20, 06:59

I accidentally lost the root password . Some of other users. I can't change the passwords as I don; know what they were are.

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Re: LOST password

Postby isadora » Oct 12th, '20, 09:39

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Re: LOST password

Postby jibz » Oct 13th, '20, 09:00

Only a page in a link in the thread mention it, so I add here a hint :
Root partition should not be read only.
On the line where init=/bin/bash is, check if 'ro' (read-only) is not present, or remove it.
After, it is possible to check if still read-only with the command :
mount -l | grep " / "
If it mention read only, remount with :
mount -o remount,rw /
Then, it will be possible to change root password.
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