Microsoft Live teams

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Microsoft Live teams

Postby adhefe » Aug 3rd, '20, 22:39


Due to the pandemic, the company I work for is adopting Microsoft Teams for home office. Everything goes fine with Chromium in web but the so called Live Event is not supported in linux, neither in web via Chromium nor with the teams rpm package installed. In a live event linux users can only be participants, not producers, see ... 94afda578a

Is there any known workaround?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Microsoft Live teams

Postby doktor5000 » Aug 4th, '20, 00:07

Have you tried with chrome instead of chromium?

Although the website you linked to mentions under system requirement:
Note: Linux isn't supported for live events.
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Re: Microsoft Live teams

Postby adhefe » Aug 4th, '20, 04:22

Thanks, Doktor5000,

No, I didn't try chrome yet...
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