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ktorrent tor1,tor2,tor3 etc

PostPosted: Apr 8th, '20, 22:37
by randogrulz
When I download music files on ktorrent it creates a tor file like tor1,tor2 and so on. Has anyone ever gotten this files? If so is there a way to stop them?

Re: ktorrent tor1,tor2,tor3 etc

PostPosted: Apr 8th, '20, 22:52
by doktor5000
Is that for an incomplete torrent? Usually bittorrent clients mark incomplete parts of a torrent download with a different filename extension.
Also IIRC ktorrent creates folders ~/.local/share/ktorrent/tor#/ where "tor#" is one of "tor1", "tor2" "tor3" where it keeps track of the currently active torrents.
Not sure if that is what you are referring to, as you're missing some context information where exactly those tor1,tor2,tor3 etc are actually created (in what folder).

But your question is probably better suited for the KDE forums, where you already asked a similar question, but about konqueror: