(SOLVED) Unknown Video issue

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(SOLVED) Unknown Video issue

Postby kajosim » Apr 5th, '20, 15:39

My main PC has an SSD and an 3GB HD. / is mounted on the SSD and /var (5GB) and a big partition with my "home" files on the HD .
Because it also acts as a DHCP server on an local network it is powered on 24/7 .
Today I could no longer print so I decided to reboot. During boot it stops after "started OpenSSH server damon" so I could no longer boot up.

So I booted up my old MAG6 on the same PC (sharing the big partition but each having their own /var) . I could then see that the M7 /var was completely filled and eg syslog bigger then 500MB .
Most of syslog contained the line :

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 Apr  2 11:05:34 localhost /usr/libexec/gdm-x-session[5101]: [mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2 @ 0xfb3dc0] STSC entry 148200 is invalid (first=1 count=1 id=1)

I had to maually mount M7 /var and the deleted syslog.1 ans similarly for user.log.1 and messages.1 which contains similar errors.
I then shut down M6 and could then boot M7 and it is working completely as normal.

For video playback I used to use Videos (Totem) but on M7 there is some "GUI" issue when I want to shift time - so I have in Plasma - System Settings - File Associations specified VLC as the preferred player.
Whether this has anything to do with the syslog error I do not know.

What could be the reason for the syslog error ?

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Re: Unknown Video issue

Postby doktor5000 » Apr 5th, '20, 18:12

The syslog error comes from ffmpeg/vlc, see e.g. https://trac.ffmpeg.org/ticket/7165 for more details.
What vlc/avformat versions do you have installed, and might it be possible that the videos you're watching might be slightly corrupted or have corrupted indexes? Maybe also this "time shift" you referred to could contribute to this issue.

Please post the output of
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rpm -qa|grep -iE "vlc|ffmpeg|avformat"|sort
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Re: Unknown Video issue

Postby kajosim » Apr 6th, '20, 13:28

The output is :


In my search for the error I tried to play some (other) videos and also playing online videos in Firefox but I was not able to reproduce the error. I looked in the /var/log/syslog.1 to get some hint of what started the many error messages.
Finally I found a video I yesterday downloaded using Firefox + DownLoadHelper plug-in . When played using VLC it gave the same problem. Playing for about a minute syslog increased from about 1MB to 44MB.
Playing the same video with MPlayer, Xine or Videos/Totem gave no problems.
Then I tried again to download the same video and now VLC can play it without problems. The size of the download is exactly the same so it can only be a bit-error the caused the problem.
So problem solved.
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