upgrade error

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upgrade error

Postby gch3 » Dec 5th, '19, 06:13

Upgraded to 7 about two weeks ago and got after about ten minutes,got a loss of screen progression. Screen would go blank with error suggesting it couldn't be retrieved without performing a login and command which after doing the screen came back for a while then blacked out again. Well after multiple re-logins I finally got the final product and what a pleasure this time to use. This is undoubtedly the best version of Mageia I've used yet with the fewest upgrade problems ever. Way to go guys, this is a real winner and I started back years ago with Mandrake and proceeded through Mandriva then Mageia. Get the install bug out and you've got a total winner.
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Re: upgrade error

Postby doktor5000 » Dec 5th, '19, 20:34

It might help if you could add some details on how you performed the upgrade, what method from https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Mageia_7_Rel ... m_Mageia_6 ?
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Re: upgrade error

Postby gch3 » Dec 8th, '19, 16:00

Just got the warning that 6 wouldn't upgrade any further and clicked on the upgrade links from there Doc. Didn't find it unusal that I had at least one problem,usualyy do with my set-up with graphics coming up right but this was it this time. Very pleased with the final product. Could be because I run a dual boot system and upgrade waas trying to get to the whole system? Don't know for sure. :D
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Re: upgrade error

Postby benmc » Dec 9th, '19, 03:37

was this a black screen with large text advising to login via tt2 (ctrl+alt+F2) as root, then
Code: Select all
loginctl unlock-session c2

if so, it appears that, Plasma DE requires the screensaver to be disabled during the upgrade if un-attended.

this is in the wiki for upgrades.

had there been an issue with the upgrade, you would not know without doing the above.
the upgrade would normally have continued and completed in the background anyway, and would have waited for you to reboot via GUI.

If you had disabled the screensaver, and the prompt appeared, then a bug report should be created.
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Re: upgrade error

Postby gch3 » Dec 9th, '19, 12:53

That's what it was,just caught me by surprise. I could tell it seemed the upgrade was continuing in the background even though all I had was the black screen with the instructions. I had not disabled anything at the time as I was trying to make sure nothing went wrong. Anyway, all went smoothly after executing the command each time the screen went blank. Have a great day.
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