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Postby lechi » Aug 28th, '19, 15:38

Hye everyone,

Docear is the best way I know to keep my notes about texts and references.

It uses
- freeplane (exists on Mageia)
- jabref - bibtex

All notes written in a pdf, all titles of this pdf are extracted and come in a freeplane file.
The best pdf reader for Docear is not open but it's free : pdfxchange (
When you highlight, pdfxchange automatically copies this highlighted text as a note. Thus, it arrives in the freeplane file.
But it's not easy to install it with playonlinux (wine).

Read :

I have found a rpm here :

I think Docear can be in the packages of Mageia.

On the other hand, if anyone knows a pdf reader-annotator (free and linux easy) as practical as pdfexchange, I'm interested.

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Re: Docear

Postby doktor5000 » Aug 30th, '19, 23:10

lechi wrote:I think Docear can be in the packages of Mageia.

Please have a look at ... ge_request on how to create a package request.

But I don't think it's feasible, as we already have quite a lot of java packages which are basically unmaintained, and there's no real benefit in packaging this when you just download and unpack it, and you can start it then.

Regarding some alternative to pdf xchange viewer, have a look at ... form=linux
Also xournal might be an option.
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