[Solved] Firefox printing

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[Solved] Firefox printing

Postby kajosim » May 18th, '19, 10:27

Printing in Firefox (MGA6, Plasma) just gives an empty page (just header and footer)
It maybe related to : "Firefox Addon disabled (old xpi certificates)" because it happened about the same time.

It turns out 2 parameters should be reset to the usual values. This solves it.

Solution :
ensure MGA6 is updated ie. Firefox 60.6.2esr
In the Firefox printing preview window :
page size : somehow the values for A4 paper was wrong , selecting another size and then back to A4 returned the correct values
scale : was set to custom and I changed it back to "shrink to fit".

Hopefully a clean install of F 60.6.2 will not have this issue.
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