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WinSCP? (in Mageia 7)

PostPosted: Apr 20th, '19, 16:21
by m2m4m5
I'm not a mageia expert (nor linux), but I looked around for a nice ftp program and didn't find a very good one.
In my opinion winSCP would do it. But it's not part of mageia yet. Or did I simply miss the right installation medium?
So far I use gFTP. It's (very) old, but working. And I don't know, why I don't really like FileZilla (at least at the moment).

Re: WinSCP? (in Mageia 7)

PostPosted: Apr 20th, '19, 22:21
by martinw
WinSCP is a Windows application, so it won't run on Linux directly, but it seems you could get it to work using Wine.

I usually use my web browser - just enter a ftp:// URL in the address bar. If I need to transfer many files at once, I use ncftp from the command line.

Re: WinSCP? (in Mageia 7)

PostPosted: Apr 21st, '19, 15:44
by m2m4m5
Thanks! I forget from time to time that WinSCP isn't available for Linux.

It should run with "Wine". It has a "platinum status" there. So everything should work.
The problem here is so far, that I don't get "Wine" running. The "Wine" executable couldn't be found.

(And... "Mageia Linux" could maybe be a distribution that exceeds others by a "magic trick", making impossible things possible.
That simply implies an easier use of "Wine" over a right mouseclick menu for example or something more advanced which readies everything out of the box.)

(But I can live with it the way it is now, if only I could get it working. Maybe you have a suggestion for that too.)

Re: WinSCP? (in Mageia 7)

PostPosted: Apr 22nd, '19, 01:45
by martinw
I think either q4wine or playonlinux might be what you want. Both are in the Mageia software repositories.

Re: WinSCP? (in Mageia 7)

PostPosted: Apr 22nd, '19, 02:41
by jiml8
Why on earth would you want to run winscp on linux?

There is the command line scp which works very nicely. If you want ftp, I use both the command line ncftp and the graphical Filezilla. Both work very well.