[SOLVED] Adventure in WINE

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[SOLVED] Adventure in WINE

Postby hankivy » Dec 29th, '18, 22:39

An Adventure in WINE, Wine Is Not an Emulator.

The previous state of my system. My symptoms. My misunderstanding. The fix.

*** The previous state of my system.

The system is 64-bit Mageia. The patches were up to date, and the x86_64 Architecture of WINE, (WINE64) was installed.

*** My symptoms.

Any windows application launched by clicking on an icon, or menu item; either opened no window, or a blank window that soon closed, or a blank window. Starting a windows application via a command line, showed error messages about missing TrueType fonts. Typical applications were winecfg, winefile, and winemine. :(

*** My misunderstanding.

WINE64 (x86_64 Architecture of WINE) is for running 64-bit windows applications. It does not support 32-bit windows applications. While almost any Windows application could be compiled for 32-bit, or 64-bit executables; 32-bit is the most commonly available version. WINE (i586 Architecture of WINE) is for running 32-bit windows applications, and it runs on my 64-bit Mageia system. :o

*** The fix.

WINE64 was deleted from my system.
~/.wine was deleted (from my home directory). [A less brutal delete, and concern for other users might have been desired.]
WINE was installed on my system.

I ran winecfg, and winefile. They were successful. Later, other applications also worked. :D
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