[Solved - sort of] k3b will not recognose wav files!

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[Solved - sort of] k3b will not recognose wav files!

Postby DiBosco » Dec 26th, '18, 18:14


I've a load of wav files I've mastered using Logic Pro X. I want to create a red book compatible CD and AFAIK you can do this with k3b and also do things like crssfades. However, whenever I try to import wav files thatr Audacity, Celemntine and Brasero recognise (and play as applicable), k3b resolutely refuses to import them. It says:

Code: Select all
Unable to handle the following files due to an unsupported format:
You may manually convert these audio files to wave using another application supporting the audio format and then add the wave files to the K3b project.
/home/robertw/Music/FUQ/Love Has Come Home.wav

This is a nonsense message as they are absolutely bog standard wav files exported from Logic Pro X which is a pro audio package. I have seen people using different ditributions say you need to install the codecs for k3b, but we don't have such a package. There was one other thread there that kind of talked baout this exact issue, but there was no solution and it was many years back now.

Does anyone know either how I can do this or has anyone used a different package to do what I want? Brasero kind of does it, but is too basic; you can, for example, run the end of one track into the beginning of another as far as I can tell.

Many thanks :)
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Re: k3b will not recognose wav files!

Postby benmc » Dec 27th, '18, 00:15

I have definitely been able to create a music cd with .wav files made from Audacity.

can you try to import the file into Audacity, then export as a .wav with a new file name, and see if K3b will accept that new one?
it may be that Logic Pro X creates a version of .wav that K3b does not recognise.

also, have you install task-audio-codec package from tainted repo?
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Re: k3b will not recognose wav files!

Postby DiBosco » Dec 27th, '18, 12:24

Thanks for the reply. I re-exported as AIF instead (which is the Apple Format of wav) and it recognised it.

As I said, I'd already opened the files in Audacity, so there's nothign wrong with the files and Linux can play them happily. It's just k3b with its knickers in a twist about it. The plugins for k3b also show that it has the wav plugin installled.

The crossfades I ended up doing by creating one enormous wav of the whole album in Logic with all the individual wavs overlapping is necessary, then inserting tracks start points, creating a cue file with the text export from Audacity, then using labeltocue to create a proper cue file and burn that cue image from k3b. Works on the computer, about to try it on the hi-fi.

Thanks again, your pointer solved it by making me think about things from the Logic angle.
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Re: k3b will not recognose wav files! Solved - sort of.

Postby isadora » Dec 27th, '18, 14:19

DiBosco, would you mind, marking this topic [SOLVED]?
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Thanks ahead. :)
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