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Postby rsu » Nov 15th, '18, 20:18

I have just download and installed mageia 6 ; whihe booting ask user name ? No user name was ask when installing. What is method ?
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Re: Username/password

Postby doktor5000 » Nov 15th, '18, 21:29

During the installation you created a user.

But I don't understand what you mean by "while booting ask user name" - what do you mean by that in particular, how is the user name asked? Do you mean at the login manager?
Also, what Mageia media did you use for installation, and what desktop environment and what login manager did you choose?
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Re: Username/password

Postby benmc » Nov 16th, '18, 01:57

hi rsu and welcome to Mageia.

during install, did you, during the boot options enter a password for the bootloader?
this after you enter the root /admin and user passwords and user name

If you did, I am unsure how to disable the password for the bootloader.

If you have just completed the install, you could re-run the install and leave the bootloader password field blank.

have a look here section : ... akX-en.pdf, section 23.1.1. Grub2 on Legacy/MBR and Legacy/GPT systems


Mageia 6
Online manual for Installer available in English
(also as file: PDF, EPUB) ) and choose (pdf)
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Re: Username/password

Postby rsu » Nov 16th, '18, 04:48

Thanks. I will try again as per your guidelines. Kindly help if any problem persit
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