[SOLVED] Teamviewer 13

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[SOLVED] Teamviewer 13

Postby hviaene » Jun 18th, '18, 12:06

There is a new version 13 of Teamviewer available and it has a Fedora rpm. When I try to install it, there is an error "unsatisfied qt5-qtquickcontrols >=5.5". This package does not exist on our repos.
Problem is that it is not possible to communicate Teamviewer12 - Teamviewer13, this is refused "Incompatible version"
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Re: Teamviewer 13

Postby wintpe » Jun 18th, '18, 12:29

download to your home folder and open a terminal and su - , followed by the root password

cd /home/user/Downloads

install with rpm -Uvh teamviewer13.......... --nodeps

while the packages that fedora would want are not installed.

mageia installs them with different packages.

lib64qt5qml5 and libqt5core

if these are not installed on your system, make sure they are, but if you are running plasma they will be

just upgraded from 12 -> 13 on mine, and the interface comes up oK, ive got nothing to connect to to test the whole connection, but it appears to be working.

ignore the error about error in file /usr/share/applications/org.kde.kfontview.desktop

regards peter
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Re: Teamviewer 13 - Solved

Postby hviaene » Jun 18th, '18, 14:38

Tx, That did the trick. Just one remark: I'm running plasma but libqt5core was not installed, but was an easy one to resolve.
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Re: Teamviewer 13

Postby doktor5000 » Jun 18th, '18, 23:23

If you have a 64bit system then the 32bit versions are usually not required for native applications.

Please mark the thread accordingly by editing the topic of the first post and prefix it by [SOLVED], thanks
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