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Dandifying Mageia-More Software Questions

PostPosted: Jun 10th, '18, 09:51
by yankee495

I've read Dandifying Mageia part 1 & 2 and wow, the developers have been hard at work, amazing stuff! I took a little trip into the future of Plasma 5 with openSUSE Tumbleweed so I have a general idea what the openSUSE Build Service (OBS) is and I'm just now reading about Fedora COPR for the first time. What fantastic additions to Mageia! I have a lot of reading to do before even thinking about building anything but my questions are simple ones.

In Dandifying Mageia it says we can use software from other sources/repos which would appear the be the easiest of it all, but I don't know which repos are safe to add. In the Wiki for Fedora COPR it says "The DNF package manager has integration with the COPR service, so that it's very easy to enable and disable repositories from COPR".

I do have dnfdragora-qt etc installed but I'm not finding any information on how to locate Mageia compatible repos. I also read the Wiki for Using DNF but it didn't point me to any repos, I probably overlooked it. I'm sure I could figure it out in time but I figured if I posted it, it'd be here for the next user with the same questions. I'd like to find YAWP and a couple of other things that I usually install from outside RPM's. If I could do it right, that'd be great.

Re: Dandifying Mageia-More Software Questions

PostPosted: Jun 10th, '18, 15:26
by doktor5000
Well, there's not really a generic search engine for repos themselves. Although you can search for copr's directly on the main Fedora copr website: ... ext=mageia

There are some repos for common stuff, e.g.

We had a collection thread for 3rd party repos here, but it's mostly outdated: viewtopic.php?f=41&t=1985

What I usually do is search through for a given software, then check where it is available from. If it's available from Fedora or openSUSE then there are chances that it has already been built for Mageia there, but you need to check each case. Although your example for YAWP is not a good one, as that is outdated, and you could just install the mga5 package for it or directly install the plasmoid instead of using "outside RPM's".

Re: Dandifying Mageia-More Software Questions

PostPosted: Jun 17th, '18, 00:31
by yankee495
Thanks Dok. And YAWP was not a good example but I did read the developer may release it for Plasma. It was and still is my favorite. I figured out how to add repos, it's on the page for the repo.

I've been pretty busy getting M6 all configured the way I like and it's doing real good but I'll sure be glad when they get "done" with Plasma. Changes that big have always been a pain because I just don't like that much change all at once and it always introduces new bugs. I'm still "finding" things.